March 10, 2022

Your Brand Stories - Batya Shulman - Financial Planning - Wealth Management for Expats, Singapore


Batya - Financial Planning - Wealth Management for Expats 

Batya is a Partner at Select Investors, where she advises and help my clients strengthen their financial positions. With over 23 years’ international banking, financial services and consulting experience across Sydney, New York, Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Singapore, she brings a wealth of expertise to meet her clients’ needs as a respected and trusted adviser.

The brief was to capture her as the professional she is whilst celebrating her fun personality and infectious energy.

The shoot

We decided to start in her office in Raffles Place, Singapore. It was the perfect space to show her professional side. We captured a wide range of portraits with the city backdrop, in the board room, greeting clients, client meetings and working at her desk. As Batya's ability to quickly establish rapport and build relationships is a key asset of hers it was important to show this in the images.

When I asked Batya what she was known for she said coffee and laughed! Raffles

Place is an iconic part of Singapore and the heart of the Singapore business district. So this was our second stop. Capturing Batya grabbing a coffee creates great relaxed images, that show another side of her. You could easily envision you grabbing a coffee too.

If you are a business based in the business district of Singapore, you will want to capture some of the iconic scenery as backdrops to your images. Down by the river we got lovely relaxed portraits, with an element of fun, with buildings like the Fullerton Hotel, Singapore Cricket Club, Parliament and more. We had some creative ablibbing and got a series of fun and engaging images.

Batya visits her clients at home, so we also wanted to showcase that. We did it over a glass of wine, as you wealth manager is someone you build a trusted relationship with over time.

As with most business women, there is the 'at home' person. We wanted to show Batya in her natural state! Relaxing with a glass of wine, and hanging out with her kids.

Batya's brand images

Having booked one of my personal brand packages, Batya chose from an online gallery a large selection of images which she uses regularly across her social media and through leadership pieces.

If you would like to discuss a brand shoot and how I can help bring your personal brand to life contact me via my website.