Mini Brand Shoot

+ Social Media Images BONUS

Wednesday 5th June

New Venue and New extra IMAGE BONUS!

10 reasons you need to book your mini brand shoot !

  1. Plan your summer marketing: Create marketing in advance or hand it all over to your VA! A mini brand shoot is like a makeover for your online presence (not just you with Kelly Richardson!), making you look current and ready for success.
  2. Easy Content Boost: Say goodbye to the content struggle! With a mini brand shoot, you'll have a ton of awesome pics to share on social media, your website, and wherever you need to shine and show up with confidence!
  3. Keep It Consistent: Keep your personal brand image consistent by having a set of pics that match your style. Consistency is the name of the game for people to remember you.
  4. Connecting on a Personal Level: My Fave!: Let your audience see the real you! Authentic images help your potential clients feel like they know you, making them more likely to stick around and purchase when the time is right.
  5. Let Your Values Shine: Show, don't just tell. A brand shoot is your chance to visually showcase your personality and values, and we all know our customers are looking to invest in businesses whose values are aligned with theirs. Don't keep them secret!
  6. Photos for Every Occasion: Get ready to be the star of every marketing campaign! As a service based business, or the face of your brand we need to get comfortable being at the forefront and professional images go a long way to boost that confidence!
  7. Look Like a Pro: Pro pics, pro vibes. Investing in top-notch photography tells the world you mean business and know what you're doing. If you want to be charging pro prices, you need to look like a pro. So if your rates are going up next year make sure your marketing and images support that.
  8. Stand Out in the Crowd: The online space can be crowded, but your new photos will help you stand out and be remembered. Don't rely on generic quotes and Canva graphics for your business.
  9. Pics that Fit Everywhere: No more resizing headaches! Your brand shoot gives you a range of pics that fit perfectly on all your favourite platforms. Close ups, full body, empty space to add logos or quotes I have you covered!
  10. Confidence Boost Guaranteed: When you feel good about how you're presenting yourself, that confidence spills over into everything you do. Confidence is infectious and magnetic. It's time to attract all those yummy ideal clients you just can't wait to work with!

Ready to take your personal brand to the next level? A mini brand shoot with me is the way to go!


as a female founder you know to you need to be more visible but you feel UNCOMFORTABLE being the face of your business and service.

  • I know you desire to help people and make a positive difference in their lives.
  • You have accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience in your corporate career and now desire to leverage that expertise to create something meaningful and impactful for yourself and wants to make a positive difference in the world.
  • You know that establishing a personal brand and sharing your story is crucial for attracting clients and building credibility in your niche.
  • Your offerings are unique and may be unfamiliar to some potential clients. You needs to educate your audience about the benefits of what you can offer and the difference you can make for your clients
  • Denise Duffield Thomas says to attract more abundance we need to act like we already have it...investing in your, your business and your brand with help you to shift into healthy, abundant mindset around money and financial success.


You owe it to your future clients to be visible so they can benefit from your gifts.

This is where I can help.

My super power is making you feel relaxed and igniting that spark that makes you irresistible to your audience!

"Rebecca ensures that she really understands you, your brand, and what story you want your images to portray. She then expertly captures this behind the lens resulting in authentic, artistic and beautiful images. Working with Rebecca was such a treat and is highly recommended!"

Batya Shulman, Wealth Manager, Select Investors

My mini brand shoot sessions are designed for the busy entreprenuer.

In just over 1 hour you will have a mini make up session with highly experienced Hair and Make-Up Artist Kelly L Nash + a fast paced shoot to capture a variety of personal branding images of you.

A Mini Brand Shoot is perfect for you if...

  • You are busy and want a time efficient experience
  • You are fed up of sharing selfies or the same old photos
  • You only need a handful of images right now.
  • You need to update your head shot, and other profile pictures
  • You are desperate to add diversity to your visual content
  • You want to have a portfolio of on brand and on hand portraits
  • You want to present yourself as an expert
  • You want to have the confidence to show up and share what you do and how you can help
  • You know you need to build the know, like, trust factor to lead your clients to purchase
  • You want to choose the images you get, from a gallery of options, so you can feel fully confident in them
  • You would LOVE to have a stunning selection of 10 images fully edited and delivered as high res and social media ready files
  • You would appreciate the option to upgrade and purchase additional images
  • You would benefit from a 15min brand consult to guide you on outfits and props to bring

"Her friendly behaviour made it easy for me to let go and just be "myself" during my photoshoot session. I had briefed her about what I wanted out of my session - she has surpassed my expectations. Thank you Rebecca for brining out the true essence of my brand through each pic. You are fab. Highly recommend her!"

Swati, Wellness with Swati

How does it work?

  • The Mini Brand Shoot session runs on one day and limited to just 8 entrepreneurs.
  • Prior to the shoot you will have a call with the Rebecca
  • Prior to the shoot you are welcome to get in touch with the MUA and ask any questions
  • On the day you turn up at your agreed time, we will meet you, then Kelly will work her magic during a mini Make Up or Male Grooming session and then you head straight into the shoot
  • 30 min photo shoot with Rebecca, multiple sets up
  • BONUS inclusion of white background 'social media images to over lay on Canva or presentations'
  • Within 1 week you will be sent a gallery of images for you to select your final 10 (upgrades available) + 5 social media BONUS images
  • Investment is $595 (UP $1295) to include mini make over.
  • SPECIAL DEAL!!! Usually this package includes 3 images and no makeover, but you will walk away with 15!

"Rebecca is such a bubbly person and a bundle of joy! She made my whole photography session such a fun experience and also delivered great looking photos! I highly recommend her services for anyone who is looking for photography."

Geraldine Pang, Creative for More

When and where

  • Tuesday 16th January
  • Appt's from 9-4pm
  • Investment: $595


Will I see you there?

With love. Rebecca x

mini brand shoot singapore Rebecca downie
mini brand shoot singapore Rebecca downie
mini brand shoot singapore Rebecca downie
mini brand shoot singapore Rebecca downie
mini brand shoot singapore Rebecca downie
mini brand shoot singapore Rebecca downie
mini brand shoot singapore Rebecca downie
mini brand shoot singapore Rebecca downie
mini brand shoot singapore Rebecca downie
mini brand shoot singapore Rebecca downie
mini brand shoot singapore Rebecca downie
mini brand shoot singapore Rebecca downie
mini brand shoot singapore Rebecca downie
mini brand shoot singapore Rebecca downie
mini brand shoot singapore Rebecca downie
mini brand shoot singapore Rebecca downie

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