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Welcome, I am Rebecca, but you already know that as you have found me via the special referral link!

I love referrals because a mutual connection believes you and I should be a good fit, and that to me is very exciting!

Your business buddy will get a special thank you,, but I am sure you are keen to see what brand photography with me is all about!

Do check out my video below.. It's a great intro to me and my passion for empowering business women to have the confidence to show up online, to be their fabulous self and to grow their business.

To get a feel for other clients brand journey, and the outcome of their shoots see my Brand Stories page.

Client experience

Client experience

“I immediately knew you were the right person for me. Something just 'clicked' ('scuse the pun!). Everything you talked about during the session totally resonated. I had a couple of questions for you in relation to camera shyness and 'deer in headlights' fear and you instantly put me at ease, made me laugh and that was that... you were my photographer of choice.”

—Jo Robertson, Go2Jo VA

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As a special referee you can enjoy the following:
~ 10% discount on the package of your choice (save up to $799!)
~ Personalised 30 day social media prompts with images from the shoot (social content and brand only)

I have four ways in which we can work together. You can see those via the link below.

Shoot options

I am ready to chat about you can help me!

If the above has you buzzing with excitement about what we could achieve for you in your brand shoot, fill your details in and I will be in touch super soon.

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Rebecca x

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