Hosted by rebecca downie & camilla knight

The Visibility Retreat

Trikora Beach Resort, Bintan | 3-5th May 2023

The Visibility Retreat

Where body meets brand & mindset meets marketing

You are a women in business with big dreams.

You have had success but you don't shout about it, and you feel stuck on how to move forward.

You know you need to build your business online and be the face of your business.

You feel lost and overwhelmed at how to achieve this.

You want more confidence and your limiting beliefs are keeping you and your business small, costing you $$$$'s.

If 2023 is the year you are saying ENOUGH then read on for The Visibility Retreat is designed for you!

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We see you.

let us show you an easier path

As female service-based business owners we know the challenges you face.

It’s a constant battle to put yourself out there and be visible and build your personal brand.

We feel it too.


We have seen the other side.

The side where it gets easier.

Where passion fuels your success.

Where your body enables you to embody your brand.

Where your mindset supports your marketing.

We can’t wait to share what we know with you, and take you closer to a highly profitable business.

Share more info with me so I can convince my husband!

The Power of Retreats - Space and time for you to reset ready for business growth.

We have designed The Visibility Retreat as an immersive experience designed for women in business with big dreams who feel stuck on their path to business growth and success.

If you are looking to grow your business you need to grow your personal brand. According to an IBM study leads generated through personal branding on platforms such as social media are 7x more likely to convert that others leads.

What would this mean for your business? What would this mean for you? What would this mean for your family?

We understand this is hard. Over 3 days we will show you an easier way.

Within three days we will quieten the negative inner chatter, and help you create a strategy so you can be visible with confidence and clarity to attract dream clients to your business and boost your income.

Taking place in the tranquil surrounds of Trikora Beach Resort the 3 days, 2 nights will be packed with value yet balanced with time and space to for you to reflect.

Included in your retreat is...

  • Pre retreat bonding call and intention setting worth $150
  • 2 nights accommodation and full board (ex drinks)
  • Marketing and mindset workshops worth $1,000
  • Mini personal branding photo shoot with Rebecca worth $595
  • Embodied movement through Yoga with Camilla worth $120
  • Breathwork and guided visualisations with Camilla worth $100
  • Fun activities such as beach walks, kayaking and paddle boarding
  • Visibility plan for business growth
  • Post retreat in person follow up and accountability session worth $150
  • $100 voucher towards future confidence building session with Camilla
  • $100 voucher towards future brand shoot or masterclasses with Rebecca
  • $150 voucher towards a future retreat

After three days, you'll feel inspired, re-energized, and confident to step up your business presence with a visibility strategy you can't wait to put into place...

  • You will have a portfolio of images to use straight away in your business
  • A visibility strategy to drive your business forward as soon as you return home
  • Tools to help you stay aligned to your purpose and business growth
  • You will no longer feel stuck and overwhelmed
  • You will be excited to share your offering with the world
  • You will be ready to move forward with your business growth
  • You will start to attract dream clients with ease into your business, increasing revenue month on month
  • You will feel lighter and freer and this will positively impact all areas of your life

The location...Trikora Beach Club, Bintan

Trikora's strapline is "this place is not for everyone". We love this!! Because neither are we and neither are you!

And we are not meant to be.

Having both stayed here previously, we agree this is a place where your soul can rest.

When we rest, we create space, and when we create space we can grow.

Trikora's philosophy is to provide their guests with a bespoke island experience, with a focus on natural, wholesome island living. They offer simplicity, rustic charms paired with basic modern conveniences, without pretence or packaging.

At night be captivated by a sky full of stars, move to your own rhythm, fall asleep to the song of the ocean, and wake with the morning sun, rising from where the sky meets the sea.

Who are your retreat hosts?

Hi, I am Rebecca Downie.

My passion is empowering Singapore based women leaders and founders to proudly take the space they deserve.

Years of bias and limited beliefs leaves many women with a strong inner critic, imposter syndrome and low confidence.

Sound familar? This is a story I hear from 90% of my clients.

My 'why' in business is to provide a service that not only creates a portfolio of stunning on-brand marketing images for your business to help it grow, but one that shows you, via the power of my lens, just how fabulous you are.

I am so excited to be bringing this retreat to you, this can be your year of real business growth and success.

Let us show you how,

Rebecca x

Hi, I am Camilla Knight

Feminine Embodiment Guide

I have guided women privately and on retreat for over a decade and despite the diversity of age, background, geography and life choices, I have seen a pattern in disharmony, in relation to self confidence, worthiness, lack of purpose and sense of personal power which manifests in relationship challenges with ‘self’, work and/ or personal life.

I use an intuitive process to guide clients on a journey to reconnect with their body which holds the source of vital energy, wisdom, truth and power.

Through talking, breathing techniques, movement and visualized guided meditation clients release physical and emotional tension and beliefs and start to ‘feel’ allowing  themselves to heal and become fully connected and expressed in their authentic nature.

The Visibility Retreat is for you if...

  • You have been in business a while and are frustrated at the ongoing hustle
  • You are launching a new business and worried if you have what it takes after years in corporate
  • You know you have a gift to share with the world but you hold yourself back due to lack of confidence or imposter syndrome
  • You feel that enough is enough and this is the year you are going to make changes so you can start to love your business again
  • You want some help to feel confident to go out and share your gifts
  • You would love to be shown how to be more visible online as well as offline in a way that is authentic to you and not simply following trends
  • You have big ambitions and are looking to increase your revenue by at least 50%

If this sounds like you read on for we have designed a retreat where within three days we will quieten the negative inner chatter so you can be visible with confidence an clarity to attract dream clients to your business and boost your income.

So, what's included?

Confidence Boosting Mini Branding Shoot

To be visible takes guts...and in my view it's easier if you have photos that you are excited to share!

A strong personal brand increases your reach and your engagement on socials which leads to more sales.

So as part of the retreat I will gift each of you a 20min mini shoot, so you will have 5 beautiful personal brand images to use in your visibility drive.

Usual price is $595 on my mini shoot days.

Three amazing Motivational Masterclasses, each designed boost your mindset and increase your revenue.

Overcoming your fears and connecting to your purpose

To drive our businesses and our lives forward we must have a strong purpose. Something that connects deep in our soul. The North Star that guides us when we feel lost. We call this purpose.

A purpose that is so strong it can help us overcome our fears. Sharing it can resonate with our ideal client and attract them too you.

Our first masterclass will ground you, connect you to your purpose, and allow you space to overcome those limiting beliefs and stories you tell yourself. Allowing you to connect with ease to your dream clients.

Owning your personal brand and defining dream clients

To grow our business we need clients. In the busy online space potential clients are spoilt for choice. We want to work with people we know, like and trust.

This second masterclass will centre around getting clarity around your personal brand.

Understanding why you are unique and what your superpowers are.

Who we want to work with and how to attract them.

These strategies and insights will allow you to be increase your reach within your network and amongst your ideal clients. Leading to more enquiries and sales.

Visualising your future and creating a visibility strategy

What do we want?

What do we really want if we dare to dream big?

Dream past the obstacles.

Dream past the limiting beliefs.

How do we see us?

What is possible?

This beautiful visualisation exercise will nicely round off our masterclasses, and put us in the right headspace to create a visibility strategy.

The strategy will be your roadmap to increased visibility, higher reach, more engagement and more enquires and sales for your business.

Yoga and Breathwork

The good news is you don’t have to be a seasoned yogi or even like yoga to gain from the benefits of guided movement, stillness, breath work and meditations with visualisation.

Having taught many bodies for over a decade I know there is not one posture or style of yoga that suits everyBODY and therefore allows for the release and/or stabilisation needed. I encourage exploring the range of motion possible for you as this time and intuitively you will find shapes and movement that suit YOU and YOUR body.  With the assistance of guided breath work to help calm or amp up! we will find release in our physical and emotional body and allow for space and calm to reside in body and mind.

During the guided meditation and gentle flow morning sessions we will awaken the body and mind with compassion and curiosity and set our physical and emotional intention to gain peak creative insight for the rest of the day.

In the evening, we will help the body and mind switch from the ‘active, goal setting, produce and ‘do’ mode’ to the ‘chill, rest, repair, ‘do nothing’ and simply ‘be’ mode’ Through the magic of yin yoga and the dreamy yoga nidra sending you into a deep sleep with the sounds of the waves. 

Words of love

Words of love

“When it comes to branding, Rebecca is highly experienced and informative. I really didn’t know where to start with making our company more visible until now. The Visibility Strategy Masterclass was great. The checklist and homework pages sent helped to narrow my objective and plan better. Rebecca makes the class enjoyable and fun.”

—Miriam Acquaah-Harrison

All inclusive mindset and marketing retreat

The Visibility Retreat

$1795 EB / $1995 UP

~Transfers from Ferry to Resort
~Pre Retreat group session
~2 Nights accom in own Villa
~Full board (excl drinks)
~3 motivational masterclasses
~3 yoga sessions
~Mini Brand Shoot with 5 images
~Signature workbook
~Post retreat gathering


How many people will be attending?

We want this to be an intimate and safe space where you have good access to Camilla and Rebecca as your hosts. Maximum of 12 including us.

What business stage do I need to be at?

If the challenges resonate with you if you are starting out or scaling up this retreat will provide you with the space and the tools for expansion.

Can I purchase more photos on top of the 5?

If you wish you can. The best images will be put in a gallery for you to chose from.
Additional images are $50.

I haven't done yoga before can I keep up?

Absolutely! Rebecca hasn't done much Yoga either.
The yoga, meditation and breathwork sessions will be accessible for all. It's about movement and being in your body.

What if the retreat has to be cancelled?

In the unfortunate case that happens we will transfer your payment to our next retreat or as a credit towards a shoot with Rebecca, or a class/retreat with Camilla.

What if I can no longer attend?

You can find someone to take your space. Or if we find someone to take your space we will refund you less your deposit.

What are the payment terms?

50% deposit is required to secure your place.
The balance is due 4 weeks before the retreat.

How do I book?

Click the link to join the waitlist and we will let you know first when bookings open! Spaces are super limited, so to make sure you are on the waitlist!