Sorelle Henricus, Communications & Thought Leadership Strategist

Whether you're an entrepreneur, executive, or social innovator, I believe that your voice has the power to change the world. 

A doctoral-level strategist, I reinvented myself as a communications professional after over a decade as a researcher and educator in academia, studying cutting-edge approaches to media and culture. Now, I share my powerful system for crafting a digital presence that will motivate you to show up consistently to achieve your goals and drive real impact.

There’s a reason why top corporate executives and successful entrepreneurs have a team dedicated to crafting their personal brand. I believe everyone with a mission can use an objective take on how their digital presence can work harder at moving them closer to their goalpost.

Step 1:

We take a close look at your career history, or business accomplishments and identify the gems that set you apart.

Step 2:

We identify how your purpose and mission serve your audience – whether that’s a corporate board, investors, or customers for your business. This helps to craft an authentic communication strategy with key messaging that resonates on your website, or LinkedIn.

Step 3:

We implement, with magnetic copy and content that stops the scroll and is just, well, essentially YOU. 

Executive Writer: “Your personal comms team. Get the best version of you – seen, heard, and read.”

Executive Writer has helped over 100 executives and entrepreneurs with their professional presence:

  • Executive Storytelling by a Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW). Not your granny’s resume. Tell your career story with a targeted, strategic resume/CV that highlights your relevant accomplishments.

  • Optimised LinkedIn presence. Come up on searches. Make an impression and grow your network into a powerhouse of value.

  • Personal websites. No cheesy selling. Every page gives elevated, curated copy with your signature style.

  • Ghostwriting. A limited number of places are available for dedicated writing that turns your ideas and expertise into thought-provoking reads.

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