Hey lovely founder,

I know there are a lot of talented photographers out there so truly appreciate you taking the time to see how I can support your marketing for your business.

You have lots of plans, and it can feel scary and overwhelming but having a portfolio of images you love to fill your website, your socials, speaker bios, conference literature and PR takes so much of that way. AND it means you can respond to any opportunity that comes your way with ease.

I know you are here to make a real difference in the world, it's why you started your own business right? I am here to make a real difference in yours.

Keep reading to see how.


  • An intro call with me to chat through the process and explain the preparation you need to do prior to the shoot. Don't know what to expect? Don't worry, you aren't alone, and I got you.
  • You will receive my signature Brand Workbook + Pinterest exercise to draw out your business needs and help us plan the shoot so that the images really resonate with your ideal client, and the images are intentional and meet your marketing needs. Clients LOVE how this makes them think bigger about their business and get clear on what they want and need.
  • Once the ground work has been done we meet for an in-depth pre-shoot consultation either face-to-face or on zoom, to talk through your brand workbook and plan the locations, set ups and desired outcome for the shoot. This makes sure every image counts and you know exactly what to expect on the day. These are marketing images and I want them to work hard for you!
  • Advice on location, wardrobe, styling and props; You don't need to figure out anything alone.
  • I work with an excellent make up artist, who I can organise for you to do your Hair and or Make-up. The beauty of Kelly, is she comes to you!
  • Travel within the location I am shooting in (my portfolio includes shoots from around the world – destination photography is high on my agenda and I am happy to confirm bespoke travel costs, for shoots further afield or for times when I am not in your location). 

Pricing & Packages



For founders starting out or who need a refresh. You don't need a big budget to make your business shine, but you do need to invest in quality photos.

* 30 min planning session
* 90 min shoot
* 2 locations / outfit change
* 20 edited images



You are ready for more in your business. Or to start with a bang! You are ready to ELEVATE your brand across your website, socials and more.

* 45 min planning session
* 120 min shoot
* 2/3 close by locations / outfit
* 60 edited images
* B-roll inc



You're top of your game, or planning to be & you know you need to be visible to build your business. You are ready to go all in.

* 1hr planning session
* Half day shoot
* 3/4 locations / outfits
* B-roll footage
* Min 120 images
+ other extras

Bespoke Brand Membership


A flexible 6 or 12 month package for industry leaders.
As a leader in your industry and face of your brand I will provide you with fresh images for all your speaking, PR & online needs.
See my dedicated page for more

It's so much more than a photo shoot!

From start to finish I will guide you through your personal brand story.

Yes you will walk away with a stunning portfolio of on brand images that will work hard to bring those dream clients and corporate contracts!

More than that you will connect more deeply with your why, your mission, who you serve, and how you help and this will spill out into all areas of your business fully ELEVATING your brand and business for growth.

Want to know more? Here are the answers to my most common FAQ's

What is the pre shoot process?

A. Let's kick things off with a friendly chat before the shoot. We'll delve into your business story, ideal clients, and brand values—making it a valuable peek into your world. This not only helps us understand your priorities but also strengthens our connection, ensuring a relaxed and enjoyable shoot day.

I totally get that being in front of the camera can be daunting. Don't worry; I'm here to make it easy for you. From choosing locations to wardrobe options and props, I'll guide you every step of the way. No surprises on the big day—just a comfortable and enjoyable experience tailored to you.

Is personal branding necessary for product based businesses?

A. Today's consumers are increasingly mindful of their shopping choices. If your business has a story that aligns with your customers' values, it's essential to share it. Whether it's a commitment to sustainability, a circular economy, fair wages, or more, embrace the role of being the face of your mission. People connect with the individuals behind the brand, and showcasing your commitment builds trust. Examples of successful personal brands in the product-based business realm include Jo Malone, Anita Roddick, and Susie Ma.

I hate having my photo taken.

A. Let me address a common concern – it's totally normal to feel nervous. In fact, it shows you care about the outcome. Once we have the shoot all planned out and you know exactly what to expect, many of those fears tend to fade away.

I work alongside an incredible makeup artist who not only enhances your appearance but also ensures you feel your best. I understand the importance of keeping things natural and comfortable. If something doesn't feel right during the shoot, we switch it up until we find what works for you.

Rest assured, you're in safe hands

I book, what happens next?

A. We kick things off with a joint happy dance because, hey, this is a major boost for your business excitement! Then, I'll assign you a bit of enjoyable homework – filling in a brand workbook. Some find it a breeze, knowing their brand inside out; for others, it's a valuable challenge to clarify their business direction and image needs.

I'll also ask you to curate a Pinterest board with images that resonate with you, offering a deeper insight into your style and essence.

With these tools, we dive into our shoot consultation, meticulously planning the day and scenes. This process aids in selecting outfits and props that truly personalize your photos, ensuring they work wonders for your brand.

Don't worry about navigating this alone—I'm right there with you at every step, making the journey seamless and enjoyable.

Do you photoshop?

A. When enhancing your face and body, I abide by a simple principle: if it's temporary, it's fair game.

Everything else remains beautifully natural, reflecting the real you. I proudly advocate for healthy, honest, and realistic body image practices, extending this philosophy to my editing process.

Are there any hidden costs?

A. Singapore travel is on the house. UK and Australia shoots are at no extra charge unless the client specifically requests them, in which case, flights/accommodations are to be covered by the client. Customized petrol/train/plane expenses are the client's responsibility.

While hair and makeup can enhance the final look and boost confidence, they're optional, and the client covers the cost. If shoot houses, hot desk locations, etc., are necessary, those expenses are the client's responsibility as well.

How do your payment schedules work?

A. 25% is due on booking to secure your date.
75% is due 2 weeks prior to your shoot day.

Cancellation of the date with 2 weeks forfeits the deposit. No charge if date changed due to weather.

Bespoke membership can be paid upfront or monthly.

As a small business cash flow can be tight so prompt payment is appreciated!

When do I receive my images?

A. Anticipate your gallery within 5 days, sometimes sooner—I'm always eager to share the excitement! Upon selecting your favorites, expect high and low-res edited versions within a week, delivered conveniently via digital download through my online portal.

Do you photograph men?

A. Absolutely! I thoroughly enjoy collaborating with male clients. While the history of brand photography has resulted in more female clients, I've had the pleasure of working with numerous male coaches, speakers, and authors. I'm excited to see who I'll work with next. Interestingly, my male clients often possess a positive feminine energy and are drawn to me due to my primary focus on working with women.

Rebecca Downie Personal Brand and Head Shot Photographer Singapore
Rebecca Downie Personal Brand and Head Shot Photographer Singapore
Rebecca Downie Personal Brand and Head Shot Photographer Singapore
Rebecca Downie Personal Brand and Head Shot Photographer Singapore
Rebecca Downie Personal Brand and Head Shot Photographer Singapore
Rebecca Downie Personal Brand and Head Shot Photographer Singapore
Rebecca Downie Personal Brand and Head Shot Photographer Singapore
Rebecca Downie Personal Brand and Head Shot Photographer Singapore
Rebecca Downie Personal Brand and Head Shot Photographer Singapore

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