March 24, 2020

Image ideas for your social media whilst self isolating

How to create relevant and authentic brand imagery on lockdown.

If you have been anything like me you may have had some paralysis over the last week about what to post, when to post and what to include.

It’s worth joining The Sussex Social’s Facebook group for hints and tips on this.

Many of us want to keep our businesses live, albeit dormant, in the minds of our communities and clients. I am sure you feel like you are going to run out of content and ideas really soon!

I thought it would be helpful to give you some ideas that I would go through in a brand photography consultation with you.

Hopefully you have someone at home who can help you with these or you can set up a timer on your smartphone. You should be able to get most of these!

The know, like, trust factor is still really important and these images will really help you.

Your new home office

The best business people are those who can adapt and change, and do so with good humour! How you are set up at home is a part of who you are! You don't have to worry about being insta-worthy, remember personal brand is all about authenticity! Show your true self and attract your tribe.

To keep it on brand, what can you add in to reflect you and your business? A coffee mug in your brand colours, inspirational books, cookbooks, branded pen. You have multiple options here; you at your desk, desk on itself, close up of key items, white space images (where you have a clear space you can add text over later in a programme like Canva)

Location, Location, Location

We are really limited right now with where we can go BUT there are probably lots of different nooks, crannies and spots around your house and garden that can give you a whole host of different images. If you go on your daily walk - this could be a good chance to get some 'out and about’ looks. 

Make sure your curtains are open and you are as close to the natural light as possible. If you can declutter around the space (think Joe Wicks The Body Coach!) that will help with a fresh and professional look to your photos.

You as a working parent

If you have children of school or pre-school age it is highly likely you are trying to juggle your business and your children's wellbeing/education/snack obsession!

Depending on your business often we like to separate our work and home life - but right now they are merged, and your audience will be interested in this as it is highly likely they will be doing the same!

You can show images from the past - do you have some fun shots of you at the beach, countryside, park etc…? Also capture them today. They don’t all have to show smiling faces - it is ok to show the reality we are facing - especially if it might raise a smile!

If you are a mum - get in the picture!!!

Your fur babies!

Maybe it is you and your fur babies on lock down. I don’t have any pets but whenever I post about them I get SO MUCH engagement. Who doesn't love a cute dog or cat….?

Especially share if you have a more unique pet!

Our hobbies and inspirations

Hobbies are a great way for people to connect and get a deeper understanding of who you are and what motivates you. Many of our hobbies might be out of action at the moment, but there might be ways you can photograph it. A bike spoke, a riding helmet, dumb bells, knitting needles…try and think creatively about how you can portray it. Pinterest is great for inspiration that you can try and replicate.

Props, equipment and tools

A lot, but not all, of my clients are service based. Even so there will be work based props you use that you can photograph. Try and think outside the box to create an eye catching image. Use a white sheet of paper or foam board and perhaps group items together. Leave space to add text to if you wish. Make sure you have good light, aren’t casting shadows and are taking the image from directly above.

'White space' images

When taking your photos, of you or of your environment, include some 'white space' images. These images are when the main subject is to one side of the picture - leaving space for you to add a logo or text. Canva is great for doing this! See below for examples.

How you can work with me?

During the current situation I am still taking bookings for brand shoots, and we will sort a date as soon as we are able to.

We can use Skype or Zoom to do the brand consultation, which works just as well.

I am looking to create a small bank of Sussex based landscape images to help with your content at this hard time. I'd also love to take some commissions to create some visual content for you. I can even make videos with your content.

Hit the Contact page and drop me a line - or better still give me a call 07713923247 and lets discuss how we can work together!

To your success, Rebecca