September 4, 2020

What is the cost to your business of not showing up online?


Why visibility matters.

You might be wondering how on earth taking branded personal photographs can suddenly make your business more successful. But it’s not taking the photographs that makes the difference, it’s what you can do with those images! With quality images you can instantly start building a positive relationship with your customers online. 

Making a good first impression 

First impressions count! When people see your images online, they make rapid decisions about whether you look trustworthy or not. Your potential customers are less likely to hand over their hard-earned money if they’re greeted with low-quality images when they land on your website. A well branded photograph tells people you’re both confident and professional, and that you take care of your business, which translates to you care about you customers.

An important investment

Good personal branding photographs represent who you are and how you like to do business. They humanize your brand, so that people feel they can connect with you and use your services. To achieve this, you need a high level of authenticity, so stock photographs will not help you achieve that goal. After all, if you are not showing the real people working at your company how do your customers know you stand behind your service.

As Tony Gaskins say: “Invest in yourself to the point it makes someone else what to invest in you”

Building confidence

Many of my clients are very shy about having photographs taken. But if people don’t get to see your face they’re not going to recognise you, and if they don’t recognise you, they’re unlikely to think of you next time they need your service. I know many women find the idea of having their photo taken challenging, but if you get the lighting right and use flattering poses you will always get great images. The more you reveal your personality in the images, the more irresistible you are going to be to your customers. 

The confidence I see in my clients to show up online after they receive their branding photos is very fulfilling, it is why I do what I do.

As Helen Hardware from Empowering Transformation says “The main reason we struggle with confidence is because we have a subconscious belief that we are not good enough. When you accept that you are enough just as you are, confidence is a natural side effect

Good luck with your photoshoot!

Rebecca x

P.S: A book I would recommend reading would be “Get Rich Lucky Bitch” by Denise Duffield Thomas