April 20, 2021

Your Brand Stories - Nisanka - Coaching with Nisanka, Sussex, United Kingdom


Nisanka - therapist, EFT and matrix reimprinting

Nisanka has an amazing story, and is a beautiful soul. She has developed an amazing set of skills on top of her natural warmth and ability to connect with people. What she offers isn't something that is well known, so as well as have images that show what she does we designed the shoot to show what people could achieve emotionally.

It's all about freedom, and being able to breakfree from the past that holds us back today.

The Shoot

We decided the perfect time and place was the beautiful South Downs at Dawn. It was stunning. A soft light, with warm yellow tones which are Nisanka's brand colours. Nature + the space gave a great sense of freedom, and I encouraged her to just be herself. She jumped, ran, skipped and even Bollywood danced! She also sat and took in the surrounds, and was calm and still.

Most of Nisanka's sessions are online, even more so during the pandemic, so we felt it was important to capture that in her work space at home. Here we also wanted to show the other side of Nisanka - as the happiest person I know its not a surprise she loves comedy! We also captured her with her daughter, who is a big part of her WHY.

For the third part of her shoot, we gathered some friends and clients together to show how the EFT can work in person, in workshops and also capture the social side of Nisanka's life too. Gathering and eating with friends.

Nisanka's Brand Images

Having booked one of my brand photography packages, Nisanka chose from an online gallery a large selection of images which she uses regularly across her social media as well as her website and her email marketing. She says she feels more professional using these images and has seen her engagement increase when she uses them.

I have added a selection of the shoot images below to give you a feel for what can be achieved in a brand shoot with me.

If you like what you see you can get in touch via the website to book a quick chat with me to ask any questions you may have.