Elika Tasker, Energising Purpose Driven Entrepreneurs & Executive Leaders Lifestyle

What would you do with more energy? 

You built success in your business as you neglected the one thing that matters the most, harmony between your personal & professional life

As your trusted advisor, energy optimisation coach, I offer a personalised coaching & lifestyle program to entrepreneurs & business leaders, to audit every aspect of your life where you are leaking energy. Through realistic lifestyle adjustments, human design readings, my mind rewiring technique and technological advancements in bioresonance you get to quantum leap your journey to inner peace. 

I’ve partnered closely with entrepreneurs & the leaders of Fortune 500 companies over the last 10 years whilst embodying my own techniques whilst running multiple businesses giving me a real insight into the lifestyle, time pressures & key challenges we face.

Discover Concepts - my sister company, allows me to bring in my chef training, culinary network, nutrition knowledge & corporate background to curate unique experiences for growth minded professionals to have meaningful connections. 

“I help purpose driven leaders prioritise so they have the energy and mental clarity to succeed at work and in their relationships.””

Ready to RESET your energy? Here’s how.

1. Identify where you are leaking energy?

Through my energy audit that includes bioresonance energy scans, I will assess all parts of you and your life and identify the plan for where to start.

2. Energy Reset Recipe.

I look at 4 major pillars, these important ingredients help us to bring harmony and using human design I review your unique energy blueprint to get clarity on your purpose and unique gifts.

3. With clarity to thrive.

Ready to optimise your energy and create healthier habits? Let’s work together to implement my personalised roadmap, the Energy Reset Recipe. Using your Human Design Reading and insightful coaching we’ll address any limiting beliefs that may be holding you back from achieving your goals. With my support, you’ll be able to implement the right habits that fit your lifestyle and prevent future setbacks.

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