May 3, 2020

5 Tips to create a consistent brand look and feel

How To

A common theme during my brand shoot consultations is my clients struggle to know what to post. When thinking about what to post, in terms of the written and visual content, the key thing to think of is ‘who is your audience’. To tell a story it is SO important to know WHO we are telling it too.

We also need to think about WHY we are reaching out to them. What action do we want them to take?

To help guide you this week I have put together a daily task to guide you through the week and help you to build a brand that is consistent and professional to all those ideal clients you are looking to attract!

Day 1 - Get Specific on Everything….

When you book a brand shoot with me we get specific on everything! My clients are often surprised at the detail I ask them to go in.

Brand purpose is about the why, the what and how.

  • Your brand mission
  • Your values – these are the words you want others to use to describe you
  • Why you do what you do – What drives your passion for the business?
  • What do you want to deliver to your ideal client? - What do you do/offer that they need?


As small businesses we can’t be all things to all people.

Day 2 - Visual Research


When we think about famous brands, you can pull their logo, their colours, their visuals to mind. That is what we hope to do in our marketing. Create a consistent brand, that is recognisable as this builds trust.

Pinterest is a great tool for putting ideas in one place. Or you might like a good old fashioned mood board. Either way you will begin to see themes emerge.

Putting this into practice through your marketing will create much more pleasing visuals, that will stop the scroll and allow your ideal clients to get to know, like and trust you.

This task is also vital for when you are building or refreshing your website.

Think colours, fonts, themes, images…and when doing so think about to what you have learned in part 1.

Day 3 - Be Consistent

Once you are happy with the brand you have created its important to make sure that your brand presence, both on and off line, is consistent. The same tones, feelings, language, colours, fonts, etc...

In person, in your videos and does, in your social media, your website, your emails.

Use the same photos, bio and graphics across all of your profiles so that people will instantly recognise you.

Show up regulate and consistency too, be active in your social media, emails, in person. This keens things fresh and you in peoples minds.

Provide value! 

Don’t be afraid to give away knowledge, it will show you as expert and no one can ever do as good a job as an expert!

Day 4 - Attraction marketing

Create and/or share content that is valuable, interesting, useful and engaging to your ideal client. To do this you need to make sure you know your ideal client inside and out. Not just top line demographics, but their motivations, hopes, dreams and struggles. And then speak to those.

Finding useful articles or blog posts and sharing them is great, as you are saving your clients time AND you are showing them you know them and understand them and their business. This could be industry related websites, or general pieces that resonate with them.

Remember that the best thing about your business is YOU! So be visible in your marketing. Do lives, videos and share your struggles too. This makes you relatable and people buy people.

The posts with me in them have a much higher engagement than other types of posts so worth planning in a few each week.

A good time saving tip is REPURPOSE THIS CONTENT – use it on all your platforms.

Day 5 - Engage

The single biggest impact on my business has been networking. Following the ideal client work I did, I knew that the ambitious, driven business women and men I wanted to work with would be networking to grow their business. I have loved being a part of The Athena Network Singapore.

Networking is a crucial part of growing your personal brand, which is why engaging with people both online and offline on a regular basis is a must. Whether you participate in discussions on forums, online groups or attend networking events, you will be showing people you are out there, interested and engaged. The more you connect with people in an authentic way the more quickly you will be recommended to others. Be of service, don't always sell.

I hope this has been useful. If you would like to discuss having a portfolio of images that help you achieve all of the above do get in touch for a no obligation chat.