March 28, 2022

Your Brand Stories - Mary Barrett - Mary Barrett Global - The Mind Coach, Singapore


Mary Barrett - The Mind Coach - For C-Suite Executives


Mary Barrett has a long history in working with C-Suite execs to help them increase productivity, effectiveness and business results. She has a large tool kit to pull from that she has developed over the years from training and experience.

The brief was to capture what makes her unique, her warm personality which makes you feel you can trust her instantly and her experience and professionalism.

The shoot

Choosing locations is often the tricky part of the personal brand shoot prep, but whilst chatting through what we were looking for Mary remembered a location called Nankin Row she had visited the year before. It was a dream find with beautiful Singapore buildings, lush greenery, a water feature and beautiful paths. Here we managed to capture some beautiful portraits, Mary journaling as she does often, as well as some images designed for social media use.

Mary was a great podcast called 'A Cup of Tea with Mary B', so the shoot would not have been complete without stopping in a great coffee shop called Bearded Bella in Tanjong Pagar. After a refresh and some great images we took a walk up Duxton Hill making the most of the beautiful architecture, light and colours.

Operating from her home clinic we decided to capture a set of images here. As service providers it is important to show clients what your service looks like, this will help them feel more comfortable investing. It's a beautiful space and Mary invited a couple of clients along too. This is a great way to add variety to your images, relax you with a friendly face and make those images really intentional.

Mary's Images

Having booked one of my personal brand packages, Mary chose from an online gallery a large selection of images which she can now use regularly across her social media, weekly newsletter, podcast, speaker engagements and through leadership pieces.

If you would like to discuss a brand shoot and how I can help bring your personal brand to life contact me via my contact page.