Your Brand Stories - Leila Boutaleb-Brousse -- Self Leadership, Confidence Coach

December 9, 2022 Blog

About Leila

Leila, like many of my clients, has recently left the corporate world, and now has a higher purpose. She is keen to take all that she has learned in business, as well as in her personal development and study and empower ambitious women in the tech and finance industry to intentionally influence their own feelings, thinkings and actions toward their goals.

Female business coach conducting a call in her brand shoot

The Shoot

Leila chose the Social Content shoot which would deliver her a portfolio of 60 on brand images.  To maximise the value Leila wanted a good variety of photos and locations.

As a coach it was important for Leila to come across as professional, experienced but approachable and friendly. She has a wonderful warm personality, and for clients to feel comfortable opening up and being vulnerable we needed to show that side too.

For the shoot we chose three locations.

Leila has a lovely home. We captured her morning routines, working from home, relaxed images as well as some portraits. Many of us work from home now and potential clients love to lift the lid and get a peek inside. This welcoming in of her clients, builds trust.

As a coach Leila works 1-2-1 with clients. In our second location we chose a co-working space. This gave us lots of options. It gave a more corporate look and feel than at home, as well as a more office environment. Here we captured Leila with a client, working remotely as well as corporate portraits.

Raffles provided us the last location for her personal branding shoot. It has beautiful light, and stunning contrast of white buildings and the green of the courtyard. I love this set. Leila looks playful, and relaxed yet also wise. If you are into archtypes I feel it is The Sage meets The Innocent. A perfect combination of wisdom but with a fresh look at the world.

You can see images from each location below.

How does Leila plan to use her images to build her personal brand?

Leila's two main platforms are Instagram and Linkedin. She is also building a new website. These images will help save her time and overwhelm as she will always have the right image to post. The images we created will also give her content ideas for those days we all get it when we can't think of anything!

When looking to attract senior women leaders, these images will help Leila show that she is professional, she has invested in herself, and respects her potential clients enough to present the best version of herself.

So whether creating social posts, blog posts, Linkedin articles, new website and more Leila has a large portfolio of images representing different parts of her personality and work life.

People buy people, and these images show Leila to be the friendly, trustworthy and experienced professional that she is.

As an ambitious coach, speaker, author or female leader you know you need to stand out online, boost your visibility, save yourself time and stress and build the ever important ‘know, like, trust’ factor to attract more of your ideal clients.

If you haven't had a brand photoshoot in the last 12 months then now is time!

The digital world is crowded. It is essential we stand out.

People don’t buy from someone they don’t know or like, and they can't do either if they can't see you.

To get results like Leila, check out my portfolio page and brand stories  and if you are ready to bring your brand to life by showing it off professionally then let’s chat!

I can't wait to tell your story.

With love, Rebecca
Picture of Singapore based top best International brand photographer Rebecca Downie